Monday, April 15, 2019

WOVOdat Tutorial

What is WOVOdat

is a comprehensive global database on volcanic unrest aimed at understanding pre-eruptive processes and improving eruption forecasts. WOVOdat is brought to you by WOVO (World Organization of Volcano Observatories) and presently hosted at the Earth Observatory of Singapore.

A lack of standardization in data formats and database architectures has made it nearly impossible to do comparative studies of volcanic unrest, or to search data for analogues to any current unrest.

WOVOdat fills this gap by translating and compiling this myriad of data into common formats with the goal to make them freely web-accessible, for reference during volcanic crises, comparative studies, and basic research on pre-eruptive processes.

Using WOVOdat, scientists wishing to study how volcanoes prepare to erupt will be able to find a wealth of historical data at their fingertips. Scientists needing to forecast the outcome of a fresh volcanic crisis will be able to search for analogues, find the past outcomes, and estimate (changing) probabilities of how the fresh unrest will evolve.